Distance Learning Infographics

Client: Carlsbad Unified School District, 2020

I worked with educators at Carlsbad Unified School District during the COVID-19 pandemic to communicate the transition to distance learning for parents and students. At the end of the 2019-20 school year, they had a large amount of resources for parents and students to assist in distance learning, but a lot of the information was scattered and hard to read through.

We designed 8 easy-to-read infographics — each one translated into both English and Spanish — to better display information for students of all ages & their parents. These infographics were provided to teachers and administrators to distribute and were posted online for parents to access themselves.

Colors used were dictated by CUSD’s brand guidelines. Infographics targeted at students emphasized the brighter, more colorful palettes, while those aimed at parents stuck to blues/grays. A number of small graphics were designed to accent the pieces.

Applications Used: Adobe Illustrator

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